What we market?
What we do?
History of EGE VET

What we market?

Imported veterinary vaccines
Imported veterinary pharmaceuticals
Frozen bovine semen
De Laval milking equipment and farm supplies
A.I. equipments and liquid nitrogen containers
Veterinary equipments and tools 
Feed additives 
Calf milk replacer
What we do?

Dairy and beef farm consultation services
Artificial Insemination
Pet clinic
Large animal clinic
Frozen bovine semen processing 
Vaccination programs
Health and life insurance services for livestock, pet and poultry

History of EGE VET

Established by three veterinarians, in 1988. It has extensive and unique marketing network all around Turkey. There are total twenty five salesmen who are responsible for covering certain parts of Turkey. Thirteen of them are veterinarians. There are total eighteen veterinarians who work for EGE VET except three founder partners.

In 1997, EGE VET established the first private Bull Stud of Turkey by importing high quality of US Holstein bulls from USA and Simmental and Brown Swiss bulls from Austria.

In 1999, four imported American Holstein bulls were born for our bull stud by transferring sexed, male frozen embryos. This way of transfer has been done first time in Turkey by EGE VET. More young bulls have been born by transferring imported frozen embryos by EGE VET and joined the breeding bulls at our bull stud.

EGE VET is located in Izmir. It has five branch offices. These offices are located in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa and Hatay. (Branch Offices)

Ege Vet established a joint venture company with Techna France, in 2002, in Turkey. The name of this company is "Ege Techna Nutritional Feed Techniques Ltd. Co." This company has started providing services to farms on feed additives.

Ege Techna

Phone Number: +90 232 375 70 21
Fax Number: +90 232 375 54 69

Ege Vet Hayvancılık San. ve
Ticaret Limited Şirketi
6 Sokak No:6 Bornova 35040, İzmir
Telefon : +90 (232) 388 3842 (PBX)
Faks : +90 (232) 388 80 48

Distributor for EGE VET Products

Ankara Asfaltı
Kemalpaşa Org. San. Bölgesi No:36 Ulucak-Kemalpaşa / İzmir
Tel: +90 (232) 877 2161
Faks: +90 (232) 877 2043

In 2005 ATA FEN Inc. has been established as a sister company of EGE VET. ATA FEN is appointed as the exclusive distributor of EGE VET. ATA FEN has established a veterinary vaccine manufacturing plant where various bacterial vaccines for veterinary use could be produced. The second stage of the investment is going to be the production of viral veterinary vaccines.